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Blair Auctions – Downloadable Consignment Sheet

Auction Ending_________________ Consigner #___________ 


Consignment Auction Agreement 


Seller Name_____________________________ Date_______________________ 


Blair Online Auctions is engaged in the business of selling personal property via online auction. The seller desires to engage the services of Blair Online Auctions to sell via online auction certain items of personal property on the terms and conditions provided in this agreement. 


The seller agrees to pay Blair Online Auctions $2 per lot fee plus a commission rate of: 


Items Selling $10 and Under are 30% 

Items Selling $11 to $499 are 10% 

Items Selling 500 to $999 are 5% 

Items Selling $1000 and above are 0% 



• Blair Online Auctions is not Responsible for payment to the seller of any items for which the Blair Online Auctions was not paid. 

• If the seller’s property is misrepresented in any way, Blair Online Auctions reserves the right to hold payment from the seller. 

• Seller hereby appoints Blair Online Auctions as its agent to conduct a public auction of personal property. Owner authorizes and confers upon Blair Online Auctions the power to take all actions on its behalf necessary to complete this auction. 

• The items of personal property shall be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. 

• All items shall remain in the possession of Blair Online Auctions until full payment has been received from the purchaser. 

• The property will be sold in lots determined by the seller or Blair Online Auctions may determine lots on the seller’s behalf. 

• In the event the seller chooses to buy back his own item at the auction, a no sale fee equal to the buyer’s premium (10%) will be charged.

• Reserve items will have a $20 fee paid for at the time of dropoff (Money will be credited back if the item sells). 


Warranties of the Owner 

• The owner warrants that they are the owner of and has merchantable title to the items of personal property offered for sale and hereby grants Blair Online Auctions the right to convey a merchantable title to such property to buyers successful at the auction. 

• Owner is responsible for all items while in possession of Blair Online Auctions, owner must carry proper insurance to protect their interest in their personal property. 

• Blair Online Auctions bears no responsibility for any of the owner’s personal property. 




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